How To Name Your Podcast

Square One For Your Podcast

If you want to attract attention to your podcast, it’s easier if it has a name that commands attention. You want something short and sweet (or edgy, if that’s your flavor). Something memorable. And something different from every other podcast in your category! So avoid clichés.

A good name is a verbal handle that can intrigue and entice a listener to click and give you a chance. It sums up your podcast in a few short words. Too cutesy may generate curiosity but sacrifice credibility.

How Short?

Long, elaborate names are difficult to recall. They may seem descriptive and helpful, but they’re difficult to remember, and even more difficult to cram into the small icon that represents your podcast. When your artwork is reduced to the tiny size available on a podcast app, too many words turn to mush and are lost.

Go with three to four words, maximum. If you can say it with one or two words, that’s even better. A shorter name is punchy and sticky. That is, it cuts through the clutter and hangs in a listener’s mind.

Be Unique

Do your research and discover what other similar podcasts are naming their shows. If you spot a trend, avoid it! Naming your podcast with a similar name or using popular verbiage will make it more difficult to find and differentiate your podcast.

Also search to see if the domain name is available. Having a domain name the same as your podcast name is golden. That way, you don’t have to keep reminding people of the name. And “Home Base” is easy-peasy!

Consider Your Category

A simple name that incorporates your category can solve several problems. It communicates immediately what the podcast is about. It aids in SEO as potential listeners search for the simplest explanation of what hey want to hear.

But don’t overcomplicate it. Too many words can confuse a listener or soften the SEO effect.

Harnessing SEO

Let’s delve into the realm of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You might think SEO only applies to your website, but it’s crucial for your podcast too. You see, a podcast name that strategically incorporates keywords related to your podcast’s topic can act as an SEO magnet, drawing in potential listeners searching for content just like yours.

When a potential listener punches in keywords on a podcast platform or search engine, you want your podcast to be among the top results. That’s where a well-chosen, keyword-rich name comes into play. If your podcast is about vegan cooking and your title includes “vegan” or “plant-based,” it’s far more likely to pop up in search results when someone is looking for vegan cooking tips. But remember, you don’t want to jam-pack your title with keywords and lose its charm. The art is in finding the balance – a name that’s engaging, memorable, and SEO-friendly.

Remember to maintain authenticity while incorporating SEO. The goal is not to trick the algorithms, but to make it easier for people who are genuinely interested in your content to find you.

Podcast Naming: Key Takeaways

Your podcast name is your calling card. You need a good, simple name that isn’t just like everyone else in your category.

  • Keep it short; less than four words is optimum.
  • Make it memorable, perhaps incorporating a rhyme or other memorable device.
  • Use the podcast category name.
  • Consider SEO.

Ready to make your podcast name unforgettable? Contact us today at Podcast Axis for personalized advice, effective strategies, and professional guidance to ensure your podcast stands out.

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