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Winning in the Podcast Arena

In podcasting, victory is achieved through a harmonious blend of insightful strategy, adept technical execution, and a keen understanding of growth and monetization tactics. At Podcast Axis, we understand that each of these elements is key to unlocking your podcast’s true potential. We offer an array of services geared towards perfecting your podcasting strategy, enhancing your technical capabilities, and maximizing growth and monetization opportunities. Together, we’ll navigate the podcast arena and help you emerge as a resounding voice in your niche.


Our team has experience in the realms of podcasting from startups to Tier One shows with millions of listens. We’ve been in the trenches and understand the challenges you’ll face as we help you go from “zero to hero.”

The Axis

The concept of Podcast Axis is that you’re connected to experts in various realms: talent coaching, production, marketing, sound design, and technical studio setup. We have a decentralized team of experts with decades of experience.

Personal Touch

“Cookie cutter” doesn’t cut it in the realm of podcasting. We take the time to get to know you personally. That way we understand you, and what you hope to achieve through your podcast, whether it’s money, authority, or professional connections you hope to gain.

Meet the Hub

Every axis revolves around a hub. At Podcast Axis, our guiding force, our ‘Hub’, is none other than Andy Waits.

With a rich history spanning over 40 years in the media industry, Andy brings a depth of knowledge that is rare to find. Starting his career in 1980, he’s seen the evolution of media firsthand. From hosting nationwide network-level radio shows to writing for major newscasts, Andy’s experience is diverse and extensive.

In 2014, Andy ventured into the world of podcasting and has been leaving his mark ever since. His notable work includes producing for Spotify’s elite Creator Content team, contributing to some of the most popular podcasts on the platform.

But why does this matter to you? Because Andy doesn’t just understand the landscape of podcasting; he helps shape it. This insider perspective and proven expertise mean that when you work with Podcast Axis, you’re not just getting advice, you’re gaining access to a wealth of industry knowledge, connections, and experiences.

Andy and the Podcast Axis team are ready to connect you with industry experts and provide tailored solutions to elevate your podcast to the level you aspire to reach. Let us be the axis that helps you navigate the podcasting universe and bring your vision to life.

Andy Waits

Podcast Axis “Hub”

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