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Unleash your voice with PodcastAxis, your premier partner in navigating the dynamic world of podcasting. With decades of industry experience and expertise from startups to Tier One, we provide individualized consulting services that cover everything from content ideation and show structuring to equipment selection, recording techniques and audience expansion. We empower you to transform your unique ideas into audio masterpieces that resonate with listeners worldwide.

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Whether you’re already underway or just plotting your podcast journey, we’ll show you how to read the landscape and set a clear roadmap for your success.
We’ll brainstorm show themes, outline episodes, and help set a long term path for your show.

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From minimal setup to full studio, you need to know the right equipment and how to use it. We’ll help you understand the art and science of acoustics so you get the best sound possible in your circumstance. Plus, we can train you in recording and editing techniques that will help set your podcast apart.

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Growth Strategies

We’ll show you methods for gaining audience and monetizing your podcast, from social media to sponsorships to patronage and other avenues of revenue. If your venture isn’t profitable, it’s a hobby.

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The Learning Center

Andy helped me set up my studio and surrounding infrastructure for The Whole Steward by recommending 
equipment, services and strategy to reach a successful launch in a cost effective and timely manner. If you only have an idea, are preparing for launch, or ready to take your media to the next level, you will not be disappointed!

Andrew Stanton

Founder – The Whole Steward

Going above and beyond is an understatement when it comes to Andy. I love people that have passion for their work and Andy is just that. Many times I’ve asked Andy for advice and he follows through and more. He takes the time to write detailed explanations of things for me.

Ron Shapiro

Spotify Director of Content,
Producer of “American Top 40”

We are here learning things. Andy’s coaching has been extremely helpful. Do a consultation with him and see if your idea for a podcast is really something that can fly, and he’ll give you truth pills, he’ll tell you the honest truth and he’ll coach you.

Glen Tate & Shelby Gallagher

Hosts of podcast “Prepping 2.0”

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